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New Construction
Buying a new house is likely one of, if not the largest purchase decision one will ever make. The whole process is fraught with emotion and stress. A professional home inspection will substantially reduce the risk for your large investment in a new home. It just makes sense to learn as much as you can about the quality of your new home, before signing off on everything.

Building a new home is a tremendously complex endeavor. It involves many people, usually split up into sub-contractor groups, each working on different parts and systems of the house. Even for the best builders, it’s nearly impossible to complete this process without missing something. Maybe it’s a plumbing fixture that didn't get tested for leaks, maybe it’s an electrical box that isn't working, or any one of dozens of minor problems that can easily be overlooked in such a major undertaking. We will find such problems while it is still early enough for you to bring them up with the builder and have them corrected before you sign-off and start moving in.

There are many good reasons to have a professional inspection performed on the brand new home you are buying. Many new homes are "thrown together" by the builder and many items can be overlooked. Do not think because the home has an occupancy permit it is safe to live there.

Often times a new construction inspection may not yield many defects. However, what can be assessed well are the materials of the home such as the windows, flooring, appliances, roofing, decking, etc. This early detection of wear at the short age of the house can help predict what conditions may occur later on. Sometimes certain windows do not stay in place or swell and do not lock. This can be relatively assessed early on, among other systems of the house.

For the relatively small cost, a professional new construction inspection of your new dream home can pay big dividends in peace of mind and getting any problems identified and corrected before they can become an unpleasant surprise.


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